Cats Purring And Your Health – Is There A Connection?

If you have been around cats for any amount of time you’ve probably heard that their purrs can have healing powers. I’ve heard it too and wanted to do a little research and see what I can find out about cat purring and it’s effect your health.

Why Do Cats Purr?

First things first, why do cats purr in the first place? Of course, none of us know for sure, but here are many theories.

It starts when they are born. It might be to let the momma cat know that they are there. Momma cats purr to help soothe their kittens. Think of it like when your Mom would rock and hold you and speak to you gently. The same type of idea.

Cats can also purr when they are content. I can attest to this claim. My Baby Jack is one of the loudest purring cats (in my opinion). He will purr when he is just touched or petted. Our other kitties will purr when they are curled up on my lap.

Cats will also purr when they a scared or sick. More on that next….

I Thought Cats Only Purred When They Were Happy?

When I first had cats as pets, I thought this was the case. As I mentioned above, they will also purr when they are scared or sick.

When our Oreo had a bad health scare, Magic would lay next to him (or even on top of him) and purr and purr and purr. Oreo pulled through that health struggle and I want to think that it was because of Magic’s help.

About a year later, when our Oreo was near the end of his life, he would lay in his bed and purr. We knew he wasn’t content, but he was soothing himself.

I like to compare this to humans. Think about a time when you were scared or saw someone that was scared. You might have noticed that they might gently rock back and forth. The thought is, in a stressful situation, you revert back to a comfortable feeling. Many parents rocked their babies back and forth to soothe them. In a stressful situation, people are looking to soothe themselves. It’s the same with kitties, if they are stressed, they revert back to something that will calm them.

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