Best Multiple Cat Litter Box

Thanks for reading my articles about litter boxes. If you missed them, I wrote some reviews about the Cat Genie, the PetSafe Litter Box, and Purina’s BREEZE Litter Box Solution. I have used all of these solutions and like each of them for different reasons.

However, because of our Oreo (who was sensitive to smells), we had to go with a traditional litter box set up.  PetSafe and Breeze are better for single cat households, but we needed a solution and needed to find the best multiple cat litter box out there. In my opinion, now that we have nine cats, we needed a solution that can handle our multiple cats but I didn’t want to feel like I had to scoop every five minutes.

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

The Rule Of Thumb

Because we have Oreo with his sensitive nose, we had to go back to traditional litter boxes. However, with eight cats (at the time) we should have had nine litter boxes. The rule of thumb is you should have one more litter box than the number of cats you own. No one really has room for that many litter boxes. So we were at a crossroads trying to figure out what we should do. Then it came to us!

It’s Simple

Most of you have probably moved at some point in your life or you needed to store some things away in a closet or attic. I know I had a lot of those big plastic storage containers. We looked at those and thought, that will work exactly for what we need and will take up less space.

I consider each container to be the size of two and a half litter boxes. We have four of these throughout our house. That’s 10 litter boxes but only four containers!


  1. They are durable because they are used for moving so the kitties really can’t destroy them.
  2. The clean up easily because they are made to use used over and over
  3. Because they are large, if you have a kitty that likes to “overshoot” the litter box when they use it, you won’t have that problem with this product.


  1. They are not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (But if they are in a laundry room, no visitors will really see them).
  2. If you have an elderly cat you might need to put a step in front of the box because it is quite high to get into the container.
  3. You will need to replace them eventually because of the smell, however, you can extend the life if you clean them regularly. (It’s nice to have a couple extra boxes so you can clean and let them dry).

Final Thoughts….

I prefer the Cat Genie (check out my review here), but if you are on a budget and have a multiple cat household (and have the space) using Sterilite Containers would be a great and cost effective alternative.

I hope you enjoyed my articles on litter boxes.

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