It’s Been A While….

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting as regular as I have been. I’ve been on the road and missing my kitties, like this guy Queso.

Queso been enjoying his life with us and getting used to his brothers and sisters. We have been noticing Luke and Queso have become pretty close buds. We catch then laying next to one another and licking each other’s ears. I’m going to try and get some video because it’s pretty precious. 🙂

Queso also had another milestone. He got added to my Apple Watch face. He quickly moving up the ranks in our household. LOL

That happens when I have too much time at the airport between flights. My next project is to get everyone on the face of my watch. I have a long layover on the flight home so I might have that accomplished by Saturday night.

My goal is to start writing more on my blog so expect to hear more from me. Please drop me a note if there is anything that you would like to chat about. I love to interact with everyone.


Cat Adoption (Part 4)

Thanks for sticking with the back stories on our “kids”. So far you’ve met: Casey, Spike, Cookie, Oreo, Bones, Jack, Jill, Dora, Onyx, and Minnie. You’ve made it to the last article. 🙂 Today we cover, Magic, Houdini, Luke, and Queso.


There is a restaurant down the street from where we live that has stray cats hanging around that people will feed. The people that owned the restaurant (at the time) would feed the cats because the cats would keep rodents away from the building.

I flew home late one night (in August 2016) from working out of town and Kevin asked if I wanted to go to the restaurant to get something to eat. That sounded like a great idea but when we pulled in, they were closing for the night but some workers were outside. We chatted with the bartender and said how much we appreciated they fed the stray cats. He told us that there was a new litter of kittens, but they thought that one of the little black ones wasn’t going to make it because he was too small.

That brought Kevin and me to attention and I remember saying, “Not on our watch”! Kevin and I then started to look around the area with our phone flashlights until we found that little peanut. He was less than half a pound and was just stumbling around in the shed where we found him. We immediately brought him home and gave him some food.

He’s been an absolute joy ever since!


Houdini came to us from the same restaurant where we got Magic. Houdini was hanging around with his “Mom” (we think) for many weeks. However, we started to see Houdini by himself. That was when the plan to adopt Houdini started, in our minds.

We spent a few weeks playing with him with a string and nerf balls and feeding him treats and soft food. I remember it was New Years Eve 2017, we decided it was going to be Houdini’s adoption day.

We headed to the restaurant and put some soft food in a cat carrier and Houdini walked right into it. Then, the bad part of closing the carrier and listening to him meow was so sad as we headed right to the vet to get checked out.

He was in great shape, but Kevin got Houdini duty to stay in the room with him that evening. Kevin said he wandered around the room all night and was meowing. He said it was so sad to hear. 🙁 Once Houdini got to meet his brothers and sisters, he became more well-adjusted and he fits right in!


Luke was a fluke! LOL We were taking two of our kitties into the vet to get checked out and the vet tech knocks on the examination door and asked me to come out into the lobby.

When I got into the lobby, I see an older gentleman holding Luke. He said that his son adopted the kitten and then moved and left the kitten with his parents. The parents didn’t want him but they wanted to find him a good home. So they brought him to the vet first to see if someone there could find a home for him. Because we were in the office, they said, “Wait a minute, we think we know the right people”.

Needless to say, we arrived at the vet with two kitties and left with three!

Luke took no time at all to get familiar with everyone and became a member of the 3 Amigos (Magic, Houdini, and Luke).


Queso is our newest kitty (at the time of this article publication). He was also a stray that we fed at the local restaurant. We started seeing him about four months ago and most of the kitties that are in this colony are black or black and white. This kitty was orange and white so he stood out to us right away.

We laughed and called him Ginger (we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl at the time). He started to meet us every time that we would show up to feed the colony. Most of the others were scared, but “Ginger” would walk right up to us and start rubbing against our legs. Once he started meowing and flipping on his back to show us his belly we knew we had to take him in. He was getting to be too friendly and there might be people around that aren’t as friendly as we would be.

He’s also been a joy and has been one of the sweetest cats that we have brought in. We could snuggle with him right away and he is always giving us kisses and head bonks.

It’s getting better with his brothers and sisters, it’s a work in progress.

The End (For Now)

Whew, it took four parts, but we finally made it to the end of our kids (for now). Stay tuned for updates if, or should I say when, we add some new faces. (We have our eye on another kitty at the restaurant, we just need to gain his/her trust).

Thanks for reading this four-part series! 🙂

Meet Luke

Each day I’ll introduce one of kitties. Expect this for the next 8 days. 🙂 I’ll start with our youngest (for now), Luke.

Luke was named after Luke Kuechly the Carolina Panther. I think they are both cute! 🙂

He has brought us such joy everyday with his powerful personality and love for this brothers and sisters.

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Where do I start with this crazy boy? He was the “bonus” kitty we adopted while we were at the vet with 2 of our other kitties for a check-up. A gentleman brought him in and said that his son moved away and left the kitten in his apartment.

If no one at the vet was interested in Luke, the next stop was the pound. Look at this face……could you turn him away? We sure couldn’t. (I caught him mid-yawn, but I like to say this is what he did when we told him that he was going to live with us!) 🙂

He’s brought new life to this house. Houdini is Luke’s favorite target. They love to chase each other around the house. They also like to sleep next to one another and groom each other. I have been late leaving the house because those two are so cute together.

That’s why they made the front page. They’re so darn cute.