Easy To Clean Litter Box

I’ve written a couple of articles about self cleaning litter boxes, the Cat Genie and the PetSafe Self Scooping Litter Box. They are both great litter boxes and have their own pros and cons. They are a little more on the expensive side. You pay a little more in the beginning, but save money in the long run.

That might not work for your budget, so I’ve decided to give you another option that isn’t “totally” self cleaning, but isn’t just regular clay litter that you scoop. This product is an easy to clean litter box.

This article is reviewing the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Hooded Cat Litter System. We used this for a little while until our Oreo (who you learned in the last articles, didn’t like the smell of this litter box as well).

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

How Does It Work?

It comes with a litter box, a hooded cover, and a slide out drawer in the bottom that holds a odor absorbing pad to soak up the urine. You also receive pellets that go basically on a “shelf” above the drawer where the solid waste will stay until you scoop it out. The pellets dehydrate the solid waste (much like the litter that the PetSafe litter box uses).

Unlike the PetSafe and Cat Genie, this litter box does not need to be plugged in. You will have to scoop out the solid waste, but the pellets will dry out the waste so it’ll be easy to scoop out. The urine will go through the slats in the shelf that holds the pellets. Once it goes through the slats it will land on a pad that will soak up the liquid in a drawer under the box.

The pads have a light fragrance to help mask the odor of the urine. (That was the downfall in our house. Oreo, our sensitive smelling cat, did not like the fragrance).


  1. Not as expensive as the Cat Genie or PetSafe litter box.
  2. No need to scoop clay litter. (You will need to scoop solid waste from the dehydrating pellets).
  3. Urine gets absorbed by a fragranced pad and can get easily changed.


  1. If your cat is sensitive to smells, they might not want to use it.
  2. If you have multiple cats, you will be going through the pads in less than 7 days. It might become not cost effective anymore.
  3. Some cat might not like the feeling of the pellets as litter.

Final Thoughts…

We liked the idea of this litter box solution when we had four cats. I liked the idea of not scooping the clay litter and just having to scoop solid waste. The pads were really good at soaking up the liquid and keeping the smell to a minimum. However, our Oreo (who didn’t like any fragrance, prevented us from using it longer).

For a one or two cat household, I think this is a good option if you are on a budget. I prefer the self cleaning options, but when you don’t have multiple cats, it not as daunting of a task.

Below are some refill supplies that you can use with the Breeze Litter Box Solution.  Thanks for reading….