Cat Adoption (Part 3)

Making our way through the crew. You’ve met: Casey, Spike, Cookie, Oreo, Bones, and Jack. Now to meet Jill, Dora, Onyx, and Minnie.

Jill (aka Baby Jill)

Jill was the second cat that came to us from the vet. I remember walking into the vet and seeing her in the cage. I went right home and told Kevin we are adopting another cat, no questions asked. LOL She was so so tiny. I love the picture that we took of her sitting on top of the cat carrier.

Something else cute she started when she was little was “squeaking” when you would touch her butt. She still does it to this day.

I also love this picture of Jack and Jill. Jack is actually the taller one. Jill now towers over him.

When we go to the vet they will ask (before they see the name) if Jill is a male because I guess for a female she is a large cat. She’s not fat, but just big-boned (honestly…..) When she was tiny we would call her Baby Jill, just like we called Jack, Baby Jack. Then she grew…..

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Meet Dora

Dora was a “bonus” kitty. She came into our life because of one of our friends couldn’t keep her anymore.

She has a cute face, but sometimes I think she looks cranky. I’ll get a good picture of what I mean and I’ll post it later.

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Dora came to us from one of my husband’s co-workers. I remember when they got Dora. I sent a note to them and said that she matches out color scheme and we would take her.

Fast forward a few months and that same co-worker reaches out to me. They recently had twins and Dora wasn’t liking getting less attention. The co-worker remembered I said we would love to take her.

Dora was a little gruff when she first came into the house, but she settled in pretty quickly. She doesn’t like to mention it, but she likes to snuggle. Here is a collage right after we got her.


This is one of her favorite snuggle positions. 🙂 She also makes funny noises when she is tired. I’ll try to get video for everyone.