CES And LavvieBot

Last week, I introduced you to Basepaws the Cat DNA company who was at the Consumer Electronics Show. I wanted to share another product that was unveiled at CES. It’s called LavvieBot.

What Is LavvieBot?

I had no idea what to think when I first heard this. I honestly thought maybe it was some sort of robot that would play with your cat. Not even close…… 🙂

It is a litter box that will clean itself and also refill the litter. OK….now I’m interested because scooping the litter is not one of my favorite activities.

How Does It Work?

You fill the litter holder with 14.3 pounds of litter. Once your cat uses the litter box, it will self scoop the litter at a time of your choosing. You can set the time interval anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Once the litter has been scooped, the auto-filling of the litter will take place. The waste tray will hold 14.3 pounds of litter. The nice thing for your kitty is the litter will always be at a comfortable level for them.

According to the company, they claim you would need to clean the litter box every 2 to 3 weeks if you have 1 cat. That is approximately half as often as the other automatic litter boxes on the market.

Wouldn’t It Smell If I Keep The Litter In The Tray?

The waste tray can hold up to 14.3 pounds of used litter. I know how quickly used litter can smell. LavvieBot uses a coconut carbon deodorizer to “cut” the smell. It absorbs a majority of the ammonia (the main component of cat urine). It also functions as a dehumidifier.

Is There Anything Else Noteworthy About It?

I’m glad you asked. It comes with the Purrsong App that sends updates about the condition of your litter box. Helpful if your kitty is having litter box issues, you can find out how often they are using the litter box. The bigger plus, in my opinion, is an option to order new litter on Amazon.

The company also claims that LavvieBot can monitor your cat’s health. It accomplishes that by tracking the weight change in the litter box. The product hasn’t launched yet so there is no word on how accurate this measurement will be.

Can it tell the difference between multiple cats? The company states as long as your cats weigh at least 1.5 pounds apart, the app could recognize different kitties in the house.

Interested In This?

They will be launching in May of this year on Indiegogo.

Final Thoughts….

I’m interested in LavvieBot, but I think with 8 cats I’m not sure this would be cost effective for our purposes. I will be following it because I would like to hear how their app is going to work.

***I do not receive any benefit or affiliate commission from this review. ***

Consumer Electronics Show And Basepaws

Your first question might be, “This is a cat blog, why are you writing an article about the Consumer Electronics Show”? The Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now in Las Vegas. It’s on my bucket list to attend because I’m a self-admitted “techie”. But that’s not the reason for the post. I received alerts about a new product release and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Basepaws – Genetic Testing For Your Cat

I’m sure you’ve heard of 23andMe where you can send in a saliva sample and learn more about your genetic history.

This is also on my to do list, someday. But before I do that, I might have it done for some of my kitties. Basepaws unveiled their Cat DNA Kit at CES 2019.

The goal of Basepaws is to build a database of cat DNA to help identify genetic markers to assist in the care and well-being of your cat.

How It Works

Once you order and receive your kit, you collect the sample. The sample is collected by sending in some of your cat’s hair by using the supplied adhesives. You can also send in a swab of their cheek (if they are hairless). It is sent back to the company in a prepaid envelope for analysis.

Once your sample is received it will be tested and a detailed report will be written about your cat. As the database grows, more information will be included in this report. Some items included in the report (as of this post) are:

  1. Your Cats Breed Index -Is it related to any breeds already in the database or is it Domestic (untested breed).
  2. Your Cats Wild Cat Index – Explains which wild cat your cat is related to.
  3. Identification of any abnormality in a few of your cat’s genes. (Mentioned on their website but not on the report example page).

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Are Essential Oils Harmful To Cats? – What Do I Need To Know?

It’s been one of the most popular trends in recent years. Essential oils and oil diffusers. I thought about bringing one into our home. I’m glad I did my research, as I always do with any product that I’m going to bring into the house. I was SHOCKED by my findings on something that most people might not give a second thought.

First Things First-What Is An Essential Oil?

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from a plant. It is thought they capture the “essence” of the plant. After you purchase them many times you will mix it with a carrier oil (coconut oil is one example) to carry them to their destination (your skin).

The Most Important Question-Are They Safe For Cats?

Unfortunately, it’s not a strict yes or no. One thing is pretty clear. Full strength essential oils will be dangerous to your cat (or dog). The science behind it is the oil can get absorbed orally and through the skin very quickly.  The next step is it gets metabolized in the liver.  The issue is, cats do not have an essential enzyme in their liver to eliminate the toxin from essential oils. The Pet Poison Helpline has a great article that goes more in depth about the science behind what happens and how you can tell if your cat got into the essential oils. I’ll introduce some symptoms of exposure next.

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Cats Purring And Your Health – Is There A Connection?

If you have been around cats for any amount of time you’ve probably heard that their purrs can have healing powers. I’ve heard it too and wanted to do a little research and see what I can find out about cat purring and it’s effect your health.

Why Do Cats Purr?

First things first, why do cats purr in the first place? Of course, none of us know for sure, but here are many theories.

It starts when they are born. It might be to let the momma cat know that they are there. Momma cats purr to help soothe their kittens. Think of it like when your Mom would rock and hold you and speak to you gently. The same type of idea.

Cats can also purr when they are content. I can attest to this claim. My Baby Jack is one of the loudest purring cats (in my opinion). He will purr when he is just touched or petted. Our other kitties will purr when they are curled up on my lap.

Cats will also purr when they a scared or sick. More on that next….

I Thought Cats Only Purred When They Were Happy?

When I first had cats as pets, I thought this was the case. As I mentioned above, they will also purr when they are scared or sick.

When our Oreo had a bad health scare, Magic would lay next to him (or even on top of him) and purr and purr and purr. Oreo pulled through that health struggle and I want to think that it was because of Magic’s help.

About a year later, when our Oreo was near the end of his life, he would lay in his bed and purr. We knew he wasn’t content, but he was soothing himself.

I like to compare this to humans. Think about a time when you were scared or saw someone that was scared. You might have noticed that they might gently rock back and forth. The thought is, in a stressful situation, you revert back to a comfortable feeling. Many parents rocked their babies back and forth to soothe them. In a stressful situation, people are looking to soothe themselves. It’s the same with kitties, if they are stressed, they revert back to something that will calm them.

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Cat Towers- Concerns To Keep In Mind….

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Since we have multiple cats in our house, a cat tower was a must. I’ll explain below why it’s a natural product to have in order to “keep the peace” in the household. That being said, we also had an “incident” happen with our Dora. It was 6 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday and want to share with you things to keep in mind when looking for a cat tower.

Why do cats like to climb towers?

Before cats were domesticated, they needed to hunt for their food in the wild. While they were hunters, they were also the huntees. Being able to climb trees was good for two reasons. First, if they were being chased, they could escape up a tree and evade the predator. Remember the old Tom and Jerry cartoons when Tom would run up the tree when Spike would bark or chase him? It’s a survival instinct.

Secondly, as the hunter, when they are above the ground they can survey an area and find their prey. It’s much easier than walking back and forth around an area searching for prey.

When cats became domesticated, that instinct didn’t leave them. If you have had cats for any period of time I’m sure you have had your cat perch on the back of the couch or most recently for us, in the Christmas Tree. 🙂

Issues with multiple cats and towers

We have 8 cats right now. As you gain more fur babies there is always a concern that not everyone will get along with each other. How can you help that situation? Enter the cat tree/tower.

At the time we took this picture, we had 4 cats and brought Dora in to live with us. Her owners couldn’t keep her anymore. Oreo (the black and white kitty) was usually on the higher shelf but Dora decided that she liked it. Needless to say, Oreo wasn’t happy.

What you can’t see on this picture is there is another level that is higher than the level Dora was sitting. All the kitties loved to climb up to the very top and I always felt like they tried to touch the ceiling before they come back down. 🙂

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