PetSafe Self Cleaning Litter Box

Welcome to part two of my self cleaning litter box articles. In order to not have the articles be too long, I’ve decided to only review one litter box each article. Last article we talked about the Cat Genie. This time I’m going to review the PetSafe, ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

One of our friends used this litter box so we got to see it in action. Because we have multiple cats, this litter box wouldn’t hold enough waste to make it worth our while.

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

How Does It Work?

When you receive the package, you will receive a box, a separate bag with the crystal litter and the frame with a connected rake. You also have the option to buy a hood for the frame.

You will pour the litter into the box and put the cover under the box and the frame with the rake on it on top of that. At this point, you can use the hood on the frame to give your kitty some privacy.

Once the kitty uses the litter box you can set an interval to have it run after the kitty leaves the box. There is a sensor that will notice when your kitty leaves the box and run the rake through the litter.

The rake will go through the box and pull the solids into a chamber at the front of the litter box. The crystal litter dries out the liquid and pulls the moisture out of the solid waste as well.

Some pros and cons of the PetSafe, ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.


  1. No need to touch dirty litter (you take the frame off the box with the litter, put the cover on it and throw it out)
  2. Virtually dust free because it is not clay litter its crystals
  3. The sensor will keep track of how many times your kitty uses the litter box. Easy to keep track if there are litter box “issues”.


  1. The solid waste area is not that large. Not good for multiple cat households. (This would be good if you have one cat that you are fostering a cat in a separate room).
  2. The hood might impede your kitty from using it (It is detachable)
  3. Sometimes the solid waste will stick to the rake and it takes some “elbow grease” to clean it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a one cat household and don’t like to scoop litter, this litter box is what you need. I do like the litter is dust free and can easily sweep up the excess if it gets out of the litter box. On the other hand, if you have multiple cats, you would spend more time and money emptying the box and possibly cleaning the rake (depending on your kitty’s aim).  (This litter box solution is cheaper than the Cat Genie, if cost is an issue.

Below, I’ve added a link to the litter box and supplies if you were interested in checking it out.

Thanks for reading…..Stay tuned for another option for a litter box that isn’t self cleaning, but it’s not just plain litter either.


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8 Replies to “PetSafe Self Cleaning Litter Box”

  1. The self-cleaning litter box sounds like a life saviour. The worst thing about having a pet is cleaning up after it. The very thought keeps me away from buying a cat and I love cats! It sounds really easy to use and I love that its dust free because I have slight reactions to dust. Thanks for introducing me to it!

    1. Hi Hollie,

      Glad to hear that you liked the article. I agree, we have 9 cats and scooping the litter box gets real old, real quick. I agree these types of boxes are super helpful and can save a lot of time.

      Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Good day, Nancy.  Short and to the point.  

    We used to have a cat several years ago and just used a conventional litter box that we cleaned out ever week.  One of these would have been handy to have.

    Just have one question.  With only having one cat, how often would one have to clean it out? Well, actually two questions.  HAre these pluged in or are they battery operated?

    All the best,


    1. Hi Wayne,

      I don’t like to read long articles so I share that feeling with my blog posts. 🙂

      This litter box does need to be plugged into an outlet no batteries. (Great question!)

      The company says that with one cat between 20-30 days. If your kitty has a lot of “solid waste” it might be closer to 10-14 days. It will depend on your kitties bathroom activities.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. You have mentioned that the solid waste area of PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is not that large, so it is good for one cat. However, I’ve two cats. So do you think it is usable for at least two cats or can you recommend the better options for two cats? Do you think Cat Genie is a better option than PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box for two cats?

    1. Hi Deraj,

      Thanks for your visit! It could be used for 2 cats, but then you would have to swap out the litter (according to the company) every 10-15 days or even earlier than that if they have a lot of solid waste. I think that would start to get expensive.

      I would only suggest this for one cat households. I think the Cat Genie would be the better option for multiple cat households.

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hello Nancy, Great job on your website. I never had a pet of any kind but to me you are doing a great job. It seems there is lots of kitty lovers out there. In my opinion this is a great site for kitty lovers. Your passion for kittys is truly amazing and in good faith.  I have not seen on your site any info relating to proper nutrition and grooming. Also, will you consider publishing any article to guide and inform newbie kitty owners?  Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your feedback on my website. I do love my kitties.

      I do have plans for upcoming articles regarding nutrition and grooming. I also plan on sharing articles about how to add new kitties to your household. 

      I really appreciate your ideas and I hope you will visit again soon!  🙂 Thanks again….

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