Magic is one of our younger kitties. He found him at a local restaurant. The workers there told us that there was a black kitten around but they didn’t think he was going to make it.  Needless to say, my husband and I said, “Not on our watch”.

We found that little peanut and got him home and fed him. He was HUNGRY!!

Magic Eating


He was .6 pounds. Below is a pic of him the next day when we took him to the vet.

Tiny Magic


We nursed this little guy back to health and the only lingering issue from his kitten days are he has only 1 functioning kidney. He needs to be on special urinary food. I’ll post some info on that later, but otherwise he’s become a great part of our family.

Here is a more recent picture. I can’t believe how much he’s grown.

Big Magic





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