Where do I start with this crazy boy? He was the “bonus” kitty we adopted while we were at the vet with 2 of our other kitties for a check-up. A gentleman brought him in and said that his son moved away and left the kitten in his apartment.

If no one at the vet was interested in Luke, the next stop was the pound. Look at this face……could you turn him away? We sure couldn’t. (I caught him mid-yawn, but I like to say this is what he did when we told him that he was going to live with us!) 🙂

He’s brought new life to this house. Houdini is Luke’s favorite target. They love to chase each other around the house. They also like to sleep next to one another and groom each other. I have been late leaving the house because those two are so cute together.

That’s why they made the front page. They’re so darn cute.

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