Meet Queso

Queso is the newest addition to our family. He also breaks the mold because he’s orange and white instead of the normal black and white like the rest of our kitties.

Enjoy reading about his trip into our lives

Queso is our newest cat. He’s a departure for us. Our other 8 cats are either all black or black and white.

Queso was a stray that we were feeding at the restaurant that we found Magic and Houdini. I would say the first time we saw him was in September or October.

We noticed that he had a tipped ear so that means that he was a feral cat that was fixed. That was great to see that he wasn’t adding to the stray cat population in this area.

He seemed pretty friendly each time that we would go there. He would rub against Kevin’s legs and bonk his head on him. When he started to roll over and show us his tummy, we knew that he was going to join the group. 🙂 The final yes to us was a couple days ago when we were getting ready to leave and he just sat there and looked sad when we left.

We called the vet and told them that we were going to rescue a cat and need to get an appointment tomorrow. Fast forward to this morning, we get to the restaurant and Queso comes running up to Kevin. He put the carrier down and Queso walked right in but then walked back out. It took a little encouragement, but it wasn’t that hard to get him into the carrier.  The next part is what always breaks my heart, it’s listening to the meows until we get home. Luckily, we only live a short distance from that restaurant.

Once we got Queso home, we put him into my office until we can get to the vet. He immediately started to purr and tucked in to hang out with Kevin and me.

He seems to be adjusting quite well to the new surroundings.

This picture was right after we got him into the office.



Here is a picture 3 hours later.

I think he’ll do just fine here.

Stay tuned for more about Queso’s life here with his new family!

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