Meet Houdini

Here it is and Day 2…time to meet Luke’s older brother, Houdini. 🙂

(You’re meeting everyone from the youngest to the oldest).

He has also brought us such joy….he’s become more talkative the longer that we’ve had him.

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Houdini is related to Magic. We found Houdini at the same restaurant that we found Magic (about a year later). Houdini was hanging out with his Mom so we weren’t too worried about him. However, after a couple of weeks, we didn’t see his Mom anymore.

Ironically, it was New Years Eve when we made our move to bring Houdini to our house. We were able to tempt him into a carrier with some food. From there, we went right to the Urgent Vet to make sure that he was A-OK.

Here are a couple of pics from that visit. He’s looking at Kevin like, “You’re my Dad now”?






Everything was good with him and we brought him home. We decided to call him Houdini because he kept disappearing in the spare room. 🙂His tail also has a white tip on the end and looks like a magic wand.

He and Kevin are best buddies. This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

.Houdini and Kevin-Room


Take a peek at the video on the right side of the screen for Houdini having fun with the water dish. He always keeps us on our toes.

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