CES And LavvieBot

Last week, I introduced you to Basepaws the Cat DNA company who was at the Consumer Electronics Show. I wanted to share another product that was unveiled at CES. It’s called LavvieBot.

What Is LavvieBot?

I had no idea what to think when I first heard this. I honestly thought maybe it was some sort of robot that would play with your cat. Not even close…… 🙂

It is a litter box that will clean itself and also refill the litter. OK….now I’m interested because scooping the litter is not one of my favorite activities.

How Does It Work?

You fill the litter holder with 14.3 pounds of litter. Once your cat uses the litter box, it will self scoop the litter at a time of your choosing. You can set the time interval anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Once the litter has been scooped, the auto-filling of the litter will take place. The waste tray will hold 14.3 pounds of litter. The nice thing for your kitty is the litter will always be at a comfortable level for them.

According to the company, they claim you would need to clean the litter box every 2 to 3 weeks if you have 1 cat. That is approximately half as often as the other automatic litter boxes on the market.

Wouldn’t It Smell If I Keep The Litter In The Tray?

The waste tray can hold up to 14.3 pounds of used litter. I know how quickly used litter can smell. LavvieBot uses a coconut carbon deodorizer to “cut” the smell. It absorbs a majority of the ammonia (the main component of cat urine). It also functions as a dehumidifier.

Is There Anything Else Noteworthy About It?

I’m glad you asked. It comes with the Purrsong App that sends updates about the condition of your litter box. Helpful if your kitty is having litter box issues, you can find out how often they are using the litter box. The bigger plus, in my opinion, is an option to order new litter on Amazon.

The company also claims that LavvieBot can monitor your cat’s health. It accomplishes that by tracking the weight change in the litter box. The product hasn’t launched yet so there is no word on how accurate this measurement will be.

Can it tell the difference between multiple cats? The company states as long as your cats weigh at least 1.5 pounds apart, the app could recognize different kitties in the house.

Interested In This?

They will be launching in May of this year on Indiegogo.

Final Thoughts….

I’m interested in LavvieBot, but I think with 8 cats I’m not sure this would be cost effective for our purposes. I will be following it because I would like to hear how their app is going to work.

***I do not receive any benefit or affiliate commission from this review. ***

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