Meet Queso

Queso is the newest addition to our family. He also breaks the mold because he’s orange and white instead of the normal black and white like the rest of our kitties.

Enjoy reading about his trip into our lives

Queso is our newest cat. He’s a departure for us. Our other 8 cats are either all black or black and white.

Queso was a stray that we were feeding at the restaurant that we found Magic and Houdini. I would say the first time we saw him was in September or October.

We noticed that he had a tipped ear so that means that he was a feral cat that was fixed. That was great to see that he wasn’t adding to the stray cat population in this area.

He seemed pretty friendly each time that we would go there. He would rub against Kevin’s legs and bonk his head on him. When he started to roll over and show us his tummy, we knew that he was going to join the group. 🙂 The final yes to us was a couple days ago when we were getting ready to leave and he just sat there and looked sad when we left.

We called the vet and told them that we were going to rescue a cat and need to get an appointment tomorrow. Fast forward to this morning, we get to the restaurant and Queso comes running up to Kevin. He put the carrier down and Queso walked right in but then walked back out. It took a little encouragement, but it wasn’t that hard to get him into the carrier.  The next part is what always breaks my heart, it’s listening to the meows until we get home. Luckily, we only live a short distance from that restaurant.

Once we got Queso home, we put him into my office until we can get to the vet. He immediately started to purr and tucked in to hang out with Kevin and me.

He seems to be adjusting quite well to the new surroundings.

This picture was right after we got him into the office.



Here is a picture 3 hours later.

I think he’ll do just fine here.

Stay tuned for more about Queso’s life here with his new family!

Meet Baby Jack

You made it to the last day of introductions. We end with Jack. He is the “elder” in the house. I say that he purrs the loudest and can be quite vocal when he wants to be petted.

I will be sharing a story that gave us a little scare with this guy, but this is all about positive posts.

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)

I hope you enjoyed meeting all of our kitties. Now I will start posting some articles regarding cats health, behavior and products.

If there is something that you would like me to research and write an article, please use the contact me option at the bottom of the site and I will happily do the research and let you know.

Thanks for reading!


Jack, right now, is our oldest kitty in the house. I also adopted him from the vet. It was right before Halloween and his name was “Spook”. Although that name was cute, we decided to name him Jack after Jack the Pumpkin King from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

He was so tiny when we got him that we also nicknamed him “Baby Jack”. Eleven years later, at times we still call him Baby Jack. 🙂

I travel for work and he would jump into the suitcase when I was packing. As a joke, I strapped him in. I’m surprised he stayed there long enough to take a picture. 🙂

Jack grew up and to be honest, he got a little “chubby”. Since Luke has come into the family, Jack has become more active and lost some weight, but here is a video of Jack when he was heavier. It just makes me laugh…. Enjoy!

Meet Jill

Welcome to day 7 of introductions. One more day after today.  🙂

Today I bring you Jill. Jill wasn’t as tiny as Magic when we brought her into the house, but she was pretty small. One of my favorite memories was she walked right up to our biggest cat (as he was hissing at her) and just sat down and looked at him like, “What are you going to do”? 🙂

She enjoys head bonking us and we love it too.

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Jill is our second oldest. I was taking some supplies to our vet (they were asking for newspaper for litter) and I saw Jill in the adoption cage. This was the peanut that I laid my eyes upon. Look at those ears! (Spoiler alert, she did grow into them).

Jill fit in quite well with everyone in house. Here she is with Jack. (She’s the smaller one. Now, she towers over him instead of the opposite.)

Jill picked up a habit when she was tiny and she will “squeek” anytime you touch her butt. She’s never forgotten this and to this day she still does it (and we got her in 2008).

Here is a more recent picture of Jill.

Meet Dora

Dora was a “bonus” kitty. She came into our life because of one of our friends couldn’t keep her anymore.

She has a cute face, but sometimes I think she looks cranky. I’ll get a good picture of what I mean and I’ll post it later.

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Dora came to us from one of my husband’s co-workers. I remember when they got Dora. I sent a note to them and said that she matches out color scheme and we would take her.

Fast forward a few months and that same co-worker reaches out to me. They recently had twins and Dora wasn’t liking getting less attention. The co-worker remembered I said we would love to take her.

Dora was a little gruff when she first came into the house, but she settled in pretty quickly. She doesn’t like to mention it, but she likes to snuggle. Here is a collage right after we got her.


This is one of her favorite snuggle positions. 🙂 She also makes funny noises when she is tired. I’ll try to get video for everyone.

Meet Onyx

Onyx is sitting on my lap right now purring as I write this post. We have quite the bond. It could be the 3 months that I slept in a spare room with him and Minnie until we let them roam with the rest of the crew.    🙂

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Onyx was part of the “package deal” with Minnie. I went to the vet and he was in a cage in the front and was so scared. Of course, I asked to hold him and he was just shaking. Right then I knew that he needed to come live with us.

He had a sister, Ebony, that was already adopted. I instantly fell in love with this guy.

One of his cutest features is that his fangs stick out of his mouth. I’ll add some better pictures in the future, but here is one that I like.

He is a snuggler. I always promised him I would always have time to snuggle with him. So now, whenever I head toward the bedroom, he will run in there and jump on the bed. Of course, we do snuggle for a little while.  🙂

I adopted Onyx and Minnie at the same time so they are the best of friends. It’s like they were brother and sister.

I’ll be honest (but don’t tell any of the other kids), he’s my favorite. 🙂

How can you not love that face?

Meet Minnie

Minnie and Houdini look very similar, but Minnie (ironically) is smaller than Houdini. More on that in her bio below.

There is one thing that makes me sad about her, she’s more of a loner and doesn’t really like human attention. She likes to hang out with us, but doesn’t want to be held. It makes me sad because she is so darn cute. 🙁

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Funny story behind Minnie. We originally named her after Minnie Mouse because we loved Disney at the time. The ironic thing was she stayed tiny so everyone thought that her name was Mini. Little did we know how accurate her name would be.

She was a package deal. I met Onyx first (you’ll meet him tomorrow) and was going to take him home for sure. Then the vet techs told me that I needed to look at another kitty they had. They brought Minnie out and she was the cutest thing. Everyone thought that I wasn’t going to take Onyx and was going to adopt Minnie instead.  How could I refuse when they bring this peanut out? (She hasn’t gotten any bigger from that time.)

I surprised them and adopted both of them!

The only downside with Minnie is that she does not like to interact with us and is somewhat scared of us. I’m going to write an article about how to deal with that situation. We are still working with her to get her to open up to us. She’s not nasty, she just likes to “exist”.

Slowly, her nose is turning black. She had a total pink nose and developed a black spot (we’ve had it checked out and it’s nothing but a pigment change). This was one of the times that we could get close to her.

Meet Magic

I have so much love for Magic. He was a special find for us. His story is below. He has had some big issues in his life so far….I’ll share those in a later post. This is a happy post. 🙂 He was the smallest kitten we’ve ever rescued and we enjoy every day that we have with this guy.

Don’t forget to check out the cute video of his first bath (off to the right of this article).

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Magic is one of our younger kitties. He found him at a local restaurant. The workers there told us that there was a black kitten around but they didn’t think he was going to make it.  Needless to say, my husband and I said, “Not on our watch”.

We found that little peanut and got him home and fed him. He was HUNGRY!!

Magic Eating


He was .6 pounds. Below is a pic of him the next day when we took him to the vet.

Tiny Magic


We nursed this little guy back to health and the only lingering issue from his kitten days are he has only 1 functioning kidney. He needs to be on special urinary food. I’ll post some info on that later, but otherwise he’s become a great part of our family.

Here is a more recent picture. I can’t believe how much he’s grown.

Big Magic



Meet Houdini

Here it is and Day 2…time to meet Luke’s older brother, Houdini. 🙂

(You’re meeting everyone from the youngest to the oldest).

He has also brought us such joy….he’s become more talkative the longer that we’ve had him.

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Houdini is related to Magic. We found Houdini at the same restaurant that we found Magic (about a year later). Houdini was hanging out with his Mom so we weren’t too worried about him. However, after a couple of weeks, we didn’t see his Mom anymore.

Ironically, it was New Years Eve when we made our move to bring Houdini to our house. We were able to tempt him into a carrier with some food. From there, we went right to the Urgent Vet to make sure that he was A-OK.

Here are a couple of pics from that visit. He’s looking at Kevin like, “You’re my Dad now”?






Everything was good with him and we brought him home. We decided to call him Houdini because he kept disappearing in the spare room. 🙂His tail also has a white tip on the end and looks like a magic wand.

He and Kevin are best buddies. This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

.Houdini and Kevin-Room


Take a peek at the video on the right side of the screen for Houdini having fun with the water dish. He always keeps us on our toes.

Meet Luke

Each day I’ll introduce one of kitties. Expect this for the next 8 days. 🙂 I’ll start with our youngest (for now), Luke.

Luke was named after Luke Kuechly the Carolina Panther. I think they are both cute! 🙂

He has brought us such joy everyday with his powerful personality and love for this brothers and sisters.

Here’s more on his story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)


Where do I start with this crazy boy? He was the “bonus” kitty we adopted while we were at the vet with 2 of our other kitties for a check-up. A gentleman brought him in and said that his son moved away and left the kitten in his apartment.

If no one at the vet was interested in Luke, the next stop was the pound. Look at this face……could you turn him away? We sure couldn’t. (I caught him mid-yawn, but I like to say this is what he did when we told him that he was going to live with us!) 🙂

He’s brought new life to this house. Houdini is Luke’s favorite target. They love to chase each other around the house. They also like to sleep next to one another and groom each other. I have been late leaving the house because those two are so cute together.

That’s why they made the front page. They’re so darn cute.