Cat Towers- Concerns To Keep In Mind….

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Since we have multiple cats in our house, a cat tower was a must. I’ll explain below why it’s a natural product to have in order to “keep the peace” in the household. That being said, we also had an “incident” happen with our Dora. It was 6 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday and want to share with you things to keep in mind when looking for a cat tower.

Why do cats like to climb towers?

Before cats were domesticated, they needed to hunt for their food in the wild. While they were hunters, they were also the huntees. Being able to climb trees was good for two reasons. First, if they were being chased, they could escape up a tree and evade the predator. Remember the old Tom and Jerry cartoons when Tom would run up the tree when Spike would bark or chase him? It’s a survival instinct.

Secondly, as the hunter, when they are above the ground they can survey an area and find their prey. It’s much easier than walking back and forth around an area searching for prey.

When cats became domesticated, that instinct didn’t leave them. If you have had cats for any period of time I’m sure you have had your cat perch on the back of the couch or most recently for us, in the Christmas Tree. 🙂

Issues with multiple cats and towers

We have 8 cats right now. As you gain more fur babies there is always a concern that not everyone will get along with each other. How can you help that situation? Enter the cat tree/tower.

At the time we took this picture, we had 4 cats and brought Dora in to live with us. Her owners couldn’t keep her anymore. Oreo (the black and white kitty) was usually on the higher shelf but Dora decided that she liked it. Needless to say, Oreo wasn’t happy.

What you can’t see on this picture is there is another level that is higher than the level Dora was sitting. All the kitties loved to climb up to the very top and I always felt like they tried to touch the ceiling before they come back down. 🙂


What happened with Dora?

This may not seem relevant to the story, but it plays into it. At the time we were living in Connecticut and it was December. There was a blizzard, one of those, “Don’t get on the roads unless it’s an emergency”.

It was around 11 pm and Dora was resting on the top of the cat tower. In fact, she was so comfortable that we think she fell asleep. One of the other kitties jumped on the tower and it startled Dora. She rolled over and fell off of the tower (which was probably 6 feet in the air) and hit the floor!

At first, she just seemed a little startled, but then it seems like she was in a lot of pain and whimpering when she tried to walk. Because we are so protective of our kitties I wanted to head to the Emergency Vet as soon as possible. Of course, it’s 11 pm so our regular vet isn’t open. Because of the blizzard, the normal emergency vet we would visit wasn’t open either.

My husband got Dora in the car and had to drive on the Interstate for 30 miles to the closest vet. He didn’t want me to ride along in case he got into an accident.

After an hour and a half drive on very treacherous roads, he arrived at the vet. Dora didn’t have any broken bones, but maybe a possible dislocated elbow but it popped back into place by the time she got to the vet. We felt so much better knowing that it wasn’t anything serious.

What Did We Do So That Didn’t Happen Again?

As soon as my husband got back home, the first thing we did was take the top-level of the cat tower off. We didn’t want to chance that happening again. Would it have happened again? Maybe, but we didn’t want to find out.

We were lucky the way the tower was constructed so that we could remove levels.

Where Can I Get A Cat Tower?

There are many places you can purchase towers or you can even build your own. I will do more research on some towers do a review of some of them at a later date.

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Final Thoughts…

My personal thought is if you have a cat tower, look for one that has very wide levels so if your kitty does roll over they won’t fall off the tower.

Because of my personal experience, I like to shy away from towers that reach all the way up to the ceiling. If I did get another one like that, I would take off the top-level like we did with our other tower, just in case.

Stay tuned in the future for my reviews of cat towers. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first post!

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16 Replies to “Cat Towers- Concerns To Keep In Mind….”

  1. This is a really helpful article for everyone who owns a cat. Personally, I’m more of a dog person, but my best friend has a cat, so I think she will appreciate that info.
    I’m looking forward to the day when you’ll be done with your research on the places where a person can buy a cat tower.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Thanks Boby for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner.
      I appreciate you taking the time to read the article and I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I want to take my time to find the best cat towers and I will post that information once I finish my research.

  2. After reading this I took a look on Amazon for some cat towers and they have a quite arrange of different cat towers there with a host of different features like scratching posts, hammock, toys etc. Does your one have all of that or is it a custom built one you designed yourself

    1. Hi Garry and thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner and reading the article.
      The one that we have are very simple. Just a straight pole to the ceiling with 2 levels. It used to have 3 levels but we took off the top level because of Dora.
      I am looking into other cat towers that have some of the toys attached and scratching posts because we now have younger cats that need a little more stimulation.
      Thanks again for visiting and hope to “see” you again soon.

  3. Nice article, well thought out and well written. Personally im a big breed dog person but my wife wants to get a cat.. which breed of cat would be more accepting of sharing a house with a Great Dane ?

    1. Hi Marvin,
      Thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner. All of our kitties were stray cats so I had to do a little research on your question. 🙂
      It seems like there isn’t a specific breed that would do well with any dogs, but giving the kitty a place to “escape” from the dog is key. They suggest a baby gate that the cat can get over but not the dog, or a cat tower. 🙂
      Thanks again for visiting!

  4. This is great information. I only have a single cat in our house, but he loves his tower. He especially likes his hammock attachment, but I’m afraid he’s going to wear it out. Do you know if those are available to purchase as add ons, or do you need to replace the whole tower? This is our first cat, so I’m pretty clueless and he’s pretty spoiled. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner. Depending on the cat tower you might be able to purchase an attachment hammock to add back to your tower.
      I know what you mean. With our 8 kitties, they are sometimes a little rough on the furniture.
      Glad to hear that your kitty is spoiled. That’s how it should be. 🙂
      Hope to “see” you again soon.

  5. Hi Nancy as a cat lover I enjoyed the read. Those towers are excellent especially if you live high up in a flat. They still get their climbing exercise and love to watch you from above.
    Wouldn’t it help to screw a plasic or wooden rim to the platform warning the kitty where the edge is?
    Thank you form a cat lover.
    Bush Lady

    1. Hi Stella,
      Thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner.
      That’s a great idea about adding a rim, but in Dora’s case when she was totally asleep I’m not sure if that would have helped.
      I do enjoy watching them get their exercise on the tower.
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Awh poor kitty! I am glad to know that Dora is okay. Too bad for your husband driving in a snow storm with an injured cat. Talk about stress!

    What do you think is the most important consideration when buying a cat tower? My daughter really wants a cat and I really do not want scratched furniture or a cat hanging off my vertical blinds.

    1. Hi Irma,
      Thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner.
      One of the most important things to remember is that even though cats are domesticated, they were originally hunters. We need to keep that in mind when purchasing products for the kitties.
      We need to get another tower, but this time I’m going to purchase one that has some toys hanging on it so they can not only climb to a higher level to keep “look out” they can also “hunt” the toys that are hanging on the tree.
      I hope to “see” you again soon!

  7. I had a tall “to the ceiling” cat tower, but mine had a cupped top level. Probably 4 inches deep. Helps for when they sleep, they can’t roll off. My Larry loved his! Also, cats establish their own hierarchy of dominance and will allow the more dominant cat the higher levels of the cat tree.

    1. Thanks Lisa for sharing.
      I’ll need to look for a cupped top level. I like that idea.
      Our kitties for sure decide who is going to the higher levels.
      Hope to “see” you again soon!

  8. Thank you for sharing this article. I now know why cats like climbing towers. It was a very interesting read. What kind of tower do you suggest for a 2 pound kitten. Thank you!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for visiting Nancy’s Cat Corner.
      For a smaller kitten, I would suggest a tower that has places to hide and also has some toys connected to it. They are still in the “play” mode and need to be entertained. I wouldn’t get a super high tower until they get a little bigger. (That is just my opinion based on my experience with Dora falling off a high tower).
      Hope to “see” you again soon!

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