Cat Adoption (Part 3)

Making our way through the crew. You’ve met: Casey, Spike, Cookie, Oreo, Bones, and Jack. Now to meet Jill, Dora, Onyx, and Minnie.

Jill (aka Baby Jill)

Jill was the second cat that came to us from the vet. I remember walking into the vet and seeing her in the cage. I went right home and told Kevin we are adopting another cat, no questions asked. LOL She was so so tiny. I love the picture that we took of her sitting on top of the cat carrier.

Something else cute she started when she was little was “squeaking” when you would touch her butt. She still does it to this day.

I also love this picture of Jack and Jill. Jack is actually the taller one. Jill now towers over him.

When we go to the vet they will ask (before they see the name) if Jill is a male because I guess for a female she is a large cat. She’s not fat, but just big-boned (honestly…..) When she was tiny we would call her Baby Jill, just like we called Jack, Baby Jack. Then she grew…..


Dora came to us from Kevin’s co-worker that had twins and couldn’t give her the attention she needed. I remember seeing pictures of her and telling our friends that they better be careful that I might come in a scoop her up. A few years later, I got to do just that. 🙂

The main thing I remember about her was she loved to chase q-tips. When we went to pick her up we used q-tips to get her into the carrier. LOL

It took a little while to get her used to the crew, but it’s something that happened right after we got her home that bonded her to Kevin forever. She LOVED the sink and insisted on being near the sink whenever the water was running. Right after we adopted her, she was near Kevin by the bathroom sink and Jill (I believe) went to jump on the sink and it scared Dora. Kevin’s hand was near Dora’s mouth so she bit into Kevin’s hand (to the bone). Kevin brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal. He put a little triple antibiotic on it and said it would be OK. I forgot to mention this was right around Thanksgiving. Fast forward to 1 day later and we arrive at my sister-in-law’s place for Thanksgiving. She takes one look at Kevin’s hand (which is swollen and red with a line traveling up his arm). Yes, we spent the night before Thanksgiving in the Emergency Room with Kevin getting some IV antibiotics.

After that little incident, Dora has been an absolute angel. She is still a little cranky. Probably the most cranky of all the kids, she has a cute little growl that she brings out when she’s not in a good mood. She is a snuggler and loves to snuggle on the bed at night.

Not to pick on her, but I also think that she’s taken over from Baby Jack the record of the “heaviest” kitty. 🙂 The pictures in this article show her size when we adopted her.


I can’t lie, Onyx is my favorite kitty. The reason why is that he was SO SCARED when I first met him. He was the third kitty that we adopted from the vet. He was in the cage in the front. I was told that he was the last kitty to get adopted. His sister Ebony was adopted and he was left alone. Of course, because he was a black kitty, I wanted to hold him. When I held him, he was shaking like a leaf. I knew right then and there he needed to come into our home and get the love that he deserved. (As a side note, I also adopted Minnie at the same time…more on her story next).

When I got Onyx home, as we did with every kitty, we kept him in a spare room and Kevin or I would sleep with him. Because he was so scared, I slept in the room with him the most and held him, held him and held him. We established such a bond that lasts to this day.

Right now if I say to Onyx, “Do you want to snuggle”? he will run to the bedroom and jump on the bed and want to sit on my lap. I’ve always promised him that I will always have time for snuggles. 🙂

Another feature that I love about my Onyx is his fangs. They really stick out of his mouth. It’s the cutest thing.


Minnie was adopted at the same time at Onyx. I was giving love to Onyx at the vet and the techs said, “If you love him, wait until you see this other cat” and they brought Minnie out. How could you not love that face? The techs thought that I was going to not adopt Onyx and adopt Minnie instead. Nope, I adopted both!

To be perfectly honest, I spent so much time because Onyx was so scared and Minnie seemed like she was so chill that I didn’t hold her as much as I should. She was affectionate to me, but when we released her to the world (in our house), she just doesn’t like to be held. Kevin and I feel that she likes us, but doesn’t want any human interaction. She loves hanging out with Onyx and Luke. They snuggle together a lot.

The funny thing was we named her Minnie (after Minnie Mouse) but she is actually “mini”. She really hasn’t grown since we adopted her. The pictures on the left and right are years apart. She looks (and is) pretty much the same size.

Thanks For Continuing On The Journey

About the back stories of how we got our kitties. Four more left….the three Amigos (Magic, Houdini, and Luke) and the newest Queso.

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