Cat Adoption (Part 2)

Thanks for sticking around for part 2 of my cat adoption stories. We started with Casey, Spike, Cookie, and Oreo. Today you’ll hear the stories behind Bones and Jack. (Their stories got a little long so we’ll cover Jill, Dora, Onyx, Minnie, Magic, Houdini, Luke, and Queso another day.)


My husband and I had just moved into a condo in Connecticut in 2004. I was traveling for work (like I still do) and Kevin told me he saw a cat by our back patio. I said, “Don’t feed the cat because we already have 2 cats….3 cats would make us crazy cat people”! (Here we are with 9 cats. My new mantra is that “crazy cat people” are people that have 1 more cat than we do. LOL Through the years, that number has been rising).

Kevin didn’t see the cat again after we talked but he called me another time and said the cat is back, but he is limping. Of course, I’m not a monster so I told him to scoop him up. Kevin was able to do that and took him to the vet. We found out that all the bones in his paw were broken straight through. The vet that we saw wanted to put pins in his bones and have them grow together, to the tune of $3000.00. Needless to say, we asked for another option and I’m glad that we did because we found the best vet that we could have ever had! 🙂

“Our vet,” told us that putting pins in would be a waste of time. He suggested that he line up the bones and put on a cast and just let it heal (to the tune of $300). That is what we did and Bones fully recovered. We decided to name him Bones since his paw had broken Bones.

However, we did get some bad news when we took him in. We found out he was FIV +. I’m going to write an article about it in the future, but think of it as HIV in humans. It cannot be spread between cats and humans. We had never heard of it so we didn’t know if it was something that Bones could live with. What we found out is that as long as Bones was an inside cat (which he was going to be), he would live a “normal” life. We were very on top of any colds or sneezes since his immune system wasn’t as strong.

He was a big cat. He looked like a Panther. (Like the ones that you see in front of the Carolina Panthers stadium.) He was not fat but just big and tall. He loved to get petted and LOVED cheese. Bones should have been from Wisconsin like me! 🙂 My favorite thing about Bones was that whenever he would see us, his tail would go straight up and shake. That’s a sign that your cat LOVES you.

He passed away right after we moved to Charlotte in 2016. We believe that he had a massive heart attack. He passed away while we were on the way to the emergency vet. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Jack (aka Baby Jack)

Jack was the first of 4 kitties that we got from our vet. They had a cage with cats for adoption by the front desk. This was around Halloween and there was Jack, but his name was Spook. I thought he was so cute and I told my husband there was a cute cat at the vet. He suggested we go get him. As you remember, I said, we already have (now) 3 cats. People with 4 cats are crazy cat people (remember it’s always 1 more cat than we have at the time that makes you a crazy cat person).

Kevin suggested we go to the vet but take the carrier, just in case. Needless to say, we came home with Jack. We didn’t love the name Spook so we wanted to change it. We decided on Jack after Jack the Pumpkin King from the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas. But, because he was so small, we called him Baby Jack as well. We got him in 2007 and even though he has grown, we still call him Baby Jack. We also used to call him “crab man” as well. The reason why we did that was we would put him in a harness with a leash because he would get under furniture it was hard to get him out because he was so tiny. However, when we would put a harness on him he would walk sideways like a crab. It was the cutest thing. I wish I would have been able to get video of it.

Jack has had a couple of incidents. When he was a baby, I saw him on the dining room table where we had a plant. He was sitting on top of the plant and “watering it in his special way”. I couldn’t yell at him because at least he was using the plant instead of going to the bathroom on the table. No, the plant didn’t last after that visit. LOL

Another scary thing that happened with Baby Jack was he swallowed a string from a balloon. I was out of town and Kevin told me that he was throwing up and was going to take him to the vet the next morning. Kevin noticed that when he was throwing up it looked like a string. Kevin happened to grab it and Jack ran away and the string came out like a clown pulling a handkerchief out of his sleeve. We were so lucky that the string wasn’t wrapped around any organs.

Another thing that I LOVE about Jack is that he is the best purrer. He purrs so loud. He always has and I hope he always will. Jack is sitting right next to me purring while I’m writing this article.

He was our heaviest cat. I have a video of him falling over on my home page. Since Luke joined the family, Jack has become more active and has actually lost some weight.

As of now, Jack is our oldest (living cat). The “elder statesman” if you will.

Thanks For Reading

About the back story of Bones and Jack. Stay tuned for more backstories of our other kitties.

Please share below how your kitties appeared in your life.


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