National Pet Day

How did I miss National Pet Day? I heard about it this morning on the local news. Of course, I immediately sent in pictures of the kids. We didn’t make air. Oh well…..

It was started in 2006. Here is a link to more information about National Pet Day. They also have a facebook page that you can check out.

I have photos of all our kids on the page under Meet The Kids.

Please share pics of your pets so we can all enjoy them on this National Pet Day.

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It’s Been A While….

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting as regular as I have been. I’ve been on the road and missing my kitties, like this guy Queso.

Queso been enjoying his life with us and getting used to his brothers and sisters. We have been noticing Luke and Queso have become pretty close buds. We catch then laying next to one another and licking each other’s ears. I’m going to try and get some video because it’s pretty precious. 🙂

Queso also had another milestone. He got added to my Apple Watch face. He quickly moving up the ranks in our household. LOL

That happens when I have too much time at the airport between flights. My next project is to get everyone on the face of my watch. I have a long layover on the flight home so I might have that accomplished by Saturday night.

My goal is to start writing more on my blog so expect to hear more from me. Please drop me a note if there is anything that you would like to chat about. I love to interact with everyone.


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Best Multiple Cat Litter Box

Thanks for reading my articles about litter boxes. If you missed them, I wrote some reviews about the Cat Genie, the PetSafe Litter Box, and Purina’s BREEZE Litter Box Solution. I have used all of these solutions and like each of them for different reasons.

However, because of our Oreo (who was sensitive to smells), we had to go with a traditional litter box set up.  PetSafe and Breeze are better for single cat households, but we needed a solution and needed to find the best multiple cat litter box out there. In my opinion, now that we have nine cats, we needed a solution that can handle our multiple cats but I didn’t want to feel like I had to scoop every five minutes.

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

The Rule Of Thumb

Because we have Oreo with his sensitive nose, we had to go back to traditional litter boxes. However, with eight cats (at the time) we should have had nine litter boxes. The rule of thumb is you should have one more litter box than the number of cats you own. No one really has room for that many litter boxes. So we were at a crossroads trying to figure out what we should do. Then it came to us!

It’s Simple

Most of you have probably moved at some point in your life or you needed to store some things away in a closet or attic. I know I had a lot of those big plastic storage containers. We looked at those and thought, that will work exactly for what we need and will take up less space.

I consider each container to be the size of two and a half litter boxes. We have four of these throughout our house. That’s 10 litter boxes but only four containers!


  1. They are durable because they are used for moving so the kitties really can’t destroy them.
  2. The clean up easily because they are made to use used over and over
  3. Because they are large, if you have a kitty that likes to “overshoot” the litter box when they use it, you won’t have that problem with this product.


  1. They are not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (But if they are in a laundry room, no visitors will really see them).
  2. If you have an elderly cat you might need to put a step in front of the box because it is quite high to get into the container.
  3. You will need to replace them eventually because of the smell, however, you can extend the life if you clean them regularly. (It’s nice to have a couple extra boxes so you can clean and let them dry).

Final Thoughts….

I prefer the Cat Genie (check out my review here), but if you are on a budget and have a multiple cat household (and have the space) using Sterilite Containers would be a great and cost effective alternative.

I hope you enjoyed my articles on litter boxes.

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Easy To Clean Litter Box

I’ve written a couple of articles about self cleaning litter boxes, the Cat Genie and the PetSafe Self Scooping Litter Box. They are both great litter boxes and have their own pros and cons. They are a little more on the expensive side. You pay a little more in the beginning, but save money in the long run.

That might not work for your budget, so I’ve decided to give you another option that isn’t “totally” self cleaning, but isn’t just regular clay litter that you scoop. This product is an easy to clean litter box.

This article is reviewing the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Hooded Cat Litter System. We used this for a little while until our Oreo (who you learned in the last articles, didn’t like the smell of this litter box as well).

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

How Does It Work?

It comes with a litter box, a hooded cover, and a slide out drawer in the bottom that holds a odor absorbing pad to soak up the urine. You also receive pellets that go basically on a “shelf” above the drawer where the solid waste will stay until you scoop it out. The pellets dehydrate the solid waste (much like the litter that the PetSafe litter box uses).

Unlike the PetSafe and Cat Genie, this litter box does not need to be plugged in. You will have to scoop out the solid waste, but the pellets will dry out the waste so it’ll be easy to scoop out. The urine will go through the slats in the shelf that holds the pellets. Once it goes through the slats it will land on a pad that will soak up the liquid in a drawer under the box.

The pads have a light fragrance to help mask the odor of the urine. (That was the downfall in our house. Oreo, our sensitive smelling cat, did not like the fragrance).


  1. Not as expensive as the Cat Genie or PetSafe litter box.
  2. No need to scoop clay litter. (You will need to scoop solid waste from the dehydrating pellets).
  3. Urine gets absorbed by a fragranced pad and can get easily changed.


  1. If your cat is sensitive to smells, they might not want to use it.
  2. If you have multiple cats, you will be going through the pads in less than 7 days. It might become not cost effective anymore.
  3. Some cat might not like the feeling of the pellets as litter.

Final Thoughts…

We liked the idea of this litter box solution when we had four cats. I liked the idea of not scooping the clay litter and just having to scoop solid waste. The pads were really good at soaking up the liquid and keeping the smell to a minimum. However, our Oreo (who didn’t like any fragrance, prevented us from using it longer).

For a one or two cat household, I think this is a good option if you are on a budget. I prefer the self cleaning options, but when you don’t have multiple cats, it not as daunting of a task.

Below are some refill supplies that you can use with the Breeze Litter Box Solution.  Thanks for reading….

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PetSafe Self Cleaning Litter Box

Welcome to part two of my self cleaning litter box articles. In order to not have the articles be too long, I’ve decided to only review one litter box each article. Last article we talked about the Cat Genie. This time I’m going to review the PetSafe, ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

One of our friends used this litter box so we got to see it in action. Because we have multiple cats, this litter box wouldn’t hold enough waste to make it worth our while.

**This is based on my observations. Your results may vary. **

**Full Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this article and if you click on them and purchase products I would receive a promotional credit and maybe buy the kitties a couple of toys :-)**

How Does It Work?

When you receive the package, you will receive a box, a separate bag with the crystal litter and the frame with a connected rake. You also have the option to buy a hood for the frame.

You will pour the litter into the box and put the cover under the box and the frame with the rake on it on top of that. At this point, you can use the hood on the frame to give your kitty some privacy.

Once the kitty uses the litter box you can set an interval to have it run after the kitty leaves the box. There is a sensor that will notice when your kitty leaves the box and run the rake through the litter.

The rake will go through the box and pull the solids into a chamber at the front of the litter box. The crystal litter dries out the liquid and pulls the moisture out of the solid waste as well.

Some pros and cons of the PetSafe, ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.


  1. No need to touch dirty litter (you take the frame off the box with the litter, put the cover on it and throw it out)
  2. Virtually dust free because it is not clay litter its crystals
  3. The sensor will keep track of how many times your kitty uses the litter box. Easy to keep track if there are litter box “issues”.


  1. The solid waste area is not that large. Not good for multiple cat households. (This would be good if you have one cat that you are fostering a cat in a separate room).
  2. The hood might impede your kitty from using it (It is detachable)
  3. Sometimes the solid waste will stick to the rake and it takes some “elbow grease” to clean it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a one cat household and don’t like to scoop litter, this litter box is what you need. I do like the litter is dust free and can easily sweep up the excess if it gets out of the litter box. On the other hand, if you have multiple cats, you would spend more time and money emptying the box and possibly cleaning the rake (depending on your kitty’s aim).  (This litter box solution is cheaper than the Cat Genie, if cost is an issue.

Below, I’ve added a link to the litter box and supplies if you were interested in checking it out.

Thanks for reading…..Stay tuned for another option for a litter box that isn’t self cleaning, but it’s not just plain litter either.


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Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

It’s something that every cat owner would like to purchase for their cats. Which self cleaning litter box is the best?

I’m going to share “my opinion” of what litter box won that distinction in our house.

However, I honestly think it’s up to each individual cat. In the next few articles, I will share my experience with a few of them that we have tried in the past.

I don’t have the patience to read a long article so I won’t do that to you either. So, this article will review the Cat Genie. Kevin and I have used the Cat Genie (with some success…I’ll explain why it didn’t work for us). However, we are going to try it again very soon!

Before we talk about the Cat Genie, let’s get a little background about how/why cats use litter boxes.

How Did Cats Learn To Use Litter Boxes?

From the research that I did, cats have a natural instinct to cover their waste. The most popular reason is to cover their scent to protect themselves in the wild. Another option could be for hygiene to prevent the spreading of parasites.

I think it’s just amazing every time we’ve brought in a stray cat, we just have to show them where the litter box is and they will naturally use it. We brought Queso in and he’s used all the litter boxes in our house within the first three days that we had him (and he’s been a stray for at least five months).

How Many Litter Boxes Should You Have?

The base knowledge is you should have at least one litter box per cat PLUS one more. Jackson Galaxy (the guy that is on Animal Planet’s, My Cat From Hell) has a great article about litter boxes.

I’ll explain what we are using right now for litter boxes in a future article.

What Type Of Litter To Use?

I wish this question was as easy as it sounds. Again, what works for one cat might not work for another. This is a whole different article because there are so many options. We’ve tried a few different varieties. I’ll share with you what worked for us in the future.

Cat Genie 

The litter box we loved the most, but Oreo (who has since passed away RIP) didn’t, was the Cat Genie.

How It Works

It uses washable granules and scoops out the “solid” waste and grinds it up sending it out the washer drain. We had it hooked up in our laundry room with a hose that will run the water into the drain hose from your washer. You can also put it in the bathroom and have it drain into the toilet.

You can set it up to run manually (you push the button) or based on a time interval or when the kitty has left the box.

What will happen is it will scoop out the solid waste into a holding area and it gets ground up and flushed out of the Cat Genie with the water from the washing of the litter.

After the solid waste is out of the “box” it then fills with cold water to “wash” the litter. There is a SaniSolution that is put into the bowl with the water to “wash” the granules. After the litter is washed, there is hot air that is blown on the litter to dry it so the kitties don’t have to step into wet litter. The time from beginning to end is approximately 30 minutes.

Some pros and cons of the Cat Genie.


  1. No need to scoop dirty cat litter
  2. Easy setup
  3. Cheaper than buying litter every month (granules can be reused multiple times). (It’s a big purchase price up front, but you’ll save in the long run with the cost of litter).


  1. If you have a cat with a sensitive nose, they might not like it
  2. If you have a “large” cat they might not like it. (Our Bones would use it, but he would only put his back end into the box. His front legs would be on the floor in front of the Cat Genie)
  3. It’s a challenge to get everyone to use the cat genie. We needed to slowly get rid of our litter boxes so the only choice was the cat genie. Otherwise, they would use the litter box over the cat genie.

As I mentioned earlier, Oreo didn’t really like the cat genie. It was because he was very particular to smells. All the other kitties, even Bones who was a very large cat used the cat genie. You will need to encourage your kitties to use it. We would use some catnip in bowls near the cat genie and would use positive reinforcement when they would use the cat genie.

Final Thoughts…

At the bottom of this post are links to everything you would need to get started with the Cat Genie. I also added some links if you wanted to purchase extra supplies (to save on shipping if you don’t have Amazon Prime.)

Stay Tuned

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more articles about self cleaning litter boxes and what we are using right now for litter boxes in our house.


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Cat Adoption (Part 4)

Thanks for sticking with the back stories on our “kids”. So far you’ve met: Casey, Spike, Cookie, Oreo, Bones, Jack, Jill, Dora, Onyx, and Minnie. You’ve made it to the last article. 🙂 Today we cover, Magic, Houdini, Luke, and Queso.


There is a restaurant down the street from where we live that has stray cats hanging around that people will feed. The people that owned the restaurant (at the time) would feed the cats because the cats would keep rodents away from the building.

I flew home late one night (in August 2016) from working out of town and Kevin asked if I wanted to go to the restaurant to get something to eat. That sounded like a great idea but when we pulled in, they were closing for the night but some workers were outside. We chatted with the bartender and said how much we appreciated they fed the stray cats. He told us that there was a new litter of kittens, but they thought that one of the little black ones wasn’t going to make it because he was too small.

That brought Kevin and me to attention and I remember saying, “Not on our watch”! Kevin and I then started to look around the area with our phone flashlights until we found that little peanut. He was less than half a pound and was just stumbling around in the shed where we found him. We immediately brought him home and gave him some food.

He’s been an absolute joy ever since!


Houdini came to us from the same restaurant where we got Magic. Houdini was hanging around with his “Mom” (we think) for many weeks. However, we started to see Houdini by himself. That was when the plan to adopt Houdini started, in our minds.

We spent a few weeks playing with him with a string and nerf balls and feeding him treats and soft food. I remember it was New Years Eve 2017, we decided it was going to be Houdini’s adoption day.

We headed to the restaurant and put some soft food in a cat carrier and Houdini walked right into it. Then, the bad part of closing the carrier and listening to him meow was so sad as we headed right to the vet to get checked out.

He was in great shape, but Kevin got Houdini duty to stay in the room with him that evening. Kevin said he wandered around the room all night and was meowing. He said it was so sad to hear. 🙁 Once Houdini got to meet his brothers and sisters, he became more well-adjusted and he fits right in!


Luke was a fluke! LOL We were taking two of our kitties into the vet to get checked out and the vet tech knocks on the examination door and asked me to come out into the lobby.

When I got into the lobby, I see an older gentleman holding Luke. He said that his son adopted the kitten and then moved and left the kitten with his parents. The parents didn’t want him but they wanted to find him a good home. So they brought him to the vet first to see if someone there could find a home for him. Because we were in the office, they said, “Wait a minute, we think we know the right people”.

Needless to say, we arrived at the vet with two kitties and left with three!

Luke took no time at all to get familiar with everyone and became a member of the 3 Amigos (Magic, Houdini, and Luke).


Queso is our newest kitty (at the time of this article publication). He was also a stray that we fed at the local restaurant. We started seeing him about four months ago and most of the kitties that are in this colony are black or black and white. This kitty was orange and white so he stood out to us right away.

We laughed and called him Ginger (we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl at the time). He started to meet us every time that we would show up to feed the colony. Most of the others were scared, but “Ginger” would walk right up to us and start rubbing against our legs. Once he started meowing and flipping on his back to show us his belly we knew we had to take him in. He was getting to be too friendly and there might be people around that aren’t as friendly as we would be.

He’s also been a joy and has been one of the sweetest cats that we have brought in. We could snuggle with him right away and he is always giving us kisses and head bonks.

It’s getting better with his brothers and sisters, it’s a work in progress.

The End (For Now)

Whew, it took four parts, but we finally made it to the end of our kids (for now). Stay tuned for updates if, or should I say when, we add some new faces. (We have our eye on another kitty at the restaurant, we just need to gain his/her trust).

Thanks for reading this four-part series! 🙂

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Cat Adoption (Part 3)

Making our way through the crew. You’ve met: Casey, Spike, Cookie, Oreo, Bones, and Jack. Now to meet Jill, Dora, Onyx, and Minnie.

Jill (aka Baby Jill)

Jill was the second cat that came to us from the vet. I remember walking into the vet and seeing her in the cage. I went right home and told Kevin we are adopting another cat, no questions asked. LOL She was so so tiny. I love the picture that we took of her sitting on top of the cat carrier.

Something else cute she started when she was little was “squeaking” when you would touch her butt. She still does it to this day.

I also love this picture of Jack and Jill. Jack is actually the taller one. Jill now towers over him.

When we go to the vet they will ask (before they see the name) if Jill is a male because I guess for a female she is a large cat. She’s not fat, but just big-boned (honestly…..) When she was tiny we would call her Baby Jill, just like we called Jack, Baby Jack. Then she grew…..

Continue reading “Cat Adoption (Part 3)”

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Cat Adoption (Part 2)

Thanks for sticking around for part 2 of my cat adoption stories. We started with Casey, Spike, Cookie, and Oreo. Today you’ll hear the stories behind Bones and Jack. (Their stories got a little long so we’ll cover Jill, Dora, Onyx, Minnie, Magic, Houdini, Luke, and Queso another day.)


My husband and I had just moved into a condo in Connecticut in 2004. I was traveling for work (like I still do) and Kevin told me he saw a cat by our back patio. I said, “Don’t feed the cat because we already have 2 cats….3 cats would make us crazy cat people”! (Here we are with 9 cats. My new mantra is that “crazy cat people” are people that have 1 more cat than we do. LOL Through the years, that number has been rising).

Kevin didn’t see the cat again after we talked but he called me another time and said the cat is back, but he is limping. Of course, I’m not a monster so I told him to scoop him up. Kevin was able to do that and took him to the vet. We found out that all the bones in his paw were broken straight through. The vet that we saw wanted to put pins in his bones and have them grow together, to the tune of $3000.00. Needless to say, we asked for another option and I’m glad that we did because we found the best vet that we could have ever had! 🙂

“Our vet,” told us that putting pins in would be a waste of time. He suggested that he line up the bones and put on a cast and just let it heal (to the tune of $300). That is what we did and Bones fully recovered. We decided to name him Bones since his paw had broken Bones.

However, we did get some bad news when we took him in. We found out he was FIV +. I’m going to write an article about it in the future, but think of it as HIV in humans. It cannot be spread between cats and humans. We had never heard of it so we didn’t know if it was something that Bones could live with. What we found out is that as long as Bones was an inside cat (which he was going to be), he would live a “normal” life. We were very on top of any colds or sneezes since his immune system wasn’t as strong.

He was a big cat. He looked like a Panther. (Like the ones that you see in front of the Carolina Panthers stadium.) He was not fat but just big and tall. He loved to get petted and LOVED cheese. Bones should have been from Wisconsin like me! 🙂 My favorite thing about Bones was that whenever he would see us, his tail would go straight up and shake. That’s a sign that your cat LOVES you.

He passed away right after we moved to Charlotte in 2016. We believe that he had a massive heart attack. He passed away while we were on the way to the emergency vet. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Continue reading “Cat Adoption (Part 2)”

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Meet Queso

Queso is the newest addition to our family. He also breaks the mold because he’s orange and white instead of the normal black and white like the rest of our kitties.

Enjoy reading about his trip into our lives

Queso is our newest cat. He’s a departure for us. Our other 8 cats are either all black or black and white.

Queso was a stray that we were feeding at the restaurant that we found Magic and Houdini. I would say the first time we saw him was in September or October.

We noticed that he had a tipped ear so that means that he was a feral cat that was fixed. That was great to see that he wasn’t adding to the stray cat population in this area.

He seemed pretty friendly each time that we would go there. He would rub against Kevin’s legs and bonk his head on him. When he started to roll over and show us his tummy, we knew that he was going to join the group. 🙂 The final yes to us was a couple days ago when we were getting ready to leave and he just sat there and looked sad when we left.

We called the vet and told them that we were going to rescue a cat and need to get an appointment tomorrow. Fast forward to this morning, we get to the restaurant and Queso comes running up to Kevin. He put the carrier down and Queso walked right in but then walked back out. It took a little encouragement, but it wasn’t that hard to get him into the carrier.  The next part is what always breaks my heart, it’s listening to the meows until we get home. Luckily, we only live a short distance from that restaurant.

Once we got Queso home, we put him into my office until we can get to the vet. He immediately started to purr and tucked in to hang out with Kevin and me.

He seems to be adjusting quite well to the new surroundings.

This picture was right after we got him into the office.



Here is a picture 3 hours later.

I think he’ll do just fine here.

Stay tuned for more about Queso’s life here with his new family!

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