Cat Adoption (Part 2)

Thanks for sticking around for part 2 of my cat adoption stories. We started with Casey, Spike, Cookie, and Oreo. Today you’ll hear the stories behind Bones and Jack. (Their stories got a little long so we’ll cover Jill, Dora, Onyx, Minnie, Magic, Houdini, Luke, and Queso another day.)


My husband and I had just moved into a condo in Connecticut in 2004. I was traveling for work (like I still do) and Kevin told me he saw a cat by our back patio. I said, “Don’t feed the cat because we already have 2 cats….3 cats would make us crazy cat people”! (Here we are with 9 cats. My new mantra is that “crazy cat people” are people that have 1 more cat than we do. LOL Through the years, that number has been rising).

Kevin didn’t see the cat again after we talked but he called me another time and said the cat is back, but he is limping. Of course, I’m not a monster so I told him to scoop him up. Kevin was able to do that and took him to the vet. We found out that all the bones in his paw were broken straight through. The vet that we saw wanted to put pins in his bones and have them grow together, to the tune of $3000.00. Needless to say, we asked for another option and I’m glad that we did because we found the best vet that we could have ever had! 🙂

“Our vet,” told us that putting pins in would be a waste of time. He suggested that he line up the bones and put on a cast and just let it heal (to the tune of $300). That is what we did and Bones fully recovered. We decided to name him Bones since his paw had broken Bones.

However, we did get some bad news when we took him in. We found out he was FIV +. I’m going to write an article about it in the future, but think of it as HIV in humans. It cannot be spread between cats and humans. We had never heard of it so we didn’t know if it was something that Bones could live with. What we found out is that as long as Bones was an inside cat (which he was going to be), he would live a “normal” life. We were very on top of any colds or sneezes since his immune system wasn’t as strong.

He was a big cat. He looked like a Panther. (Like the ones that you see in front of the Carolina Panthers stadium.) He was not fat but just big and tall. He loved to get petted and LOVED cheese. Bones should have been from Wisconsin like me! 🙂 My favorite thing about Bones was that whenever he would see us, his tail would go straight up and shake. That’s a sign that your cat LOVES you.

He passed away right after we moved to Charlotte in 2016. We believe that he had a massive heart attack. He passed away while we were on the way to the emergency vet. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Jack (aka Baby Jack)

Jack was the first of 4 kitties that we got from our vet. They had a cage with cats for adoption by the front desk. This was around Halloween and there was Jack, but his name was Spook. I thought he was so cute and I told my husband there was a cute cat at the vet. He suggested we go get him. As you remember, I said, we already have (now) 3 cats. People with 4 cats are crazy cat people (remember it’s always 1 more cat than we have at the time that makes you a crazy cat person).

Kevin suggested we go to the vet but take the carrier, just in case. Needless to say, we came home with Jack. We didn’t love the name Spook so we wanted to change it. We decided on Jack after Jack the Pumpkin King from the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas. But, because he was so small, we called him Baby Jack as well. We got him in 2007 and even though he has grown, we still call him Baby Jack. We also used to call him “crab man” as well. The reason why we did that was we would put him in a harness with a leash because he would get under furniture it was hard to get him out because he was so tiny. However, when we would put a harness on him he would walk sideways like a crab. It was the cutest thing. I wish I would have been able to get video of it.

Jack has had a couple of incidents. When he was a baby, I saw him on the dining room table where we had a plant. He was sitting on top of the plant and “watering it in his special way”. I couldn’t yell at him because at least he was using the plant instead of going to the bathroom on the table. No, the plant didn’t last after that visit. LOL

Another scary thing that happened with Baby Jack was he swallowed a string from a balloon. I was out of town and Kevin told me that he was throwing up and was going to take him to the vet the next morning. Kevin noticed that when he was throwing up it looked like a string. Kevin happened to grab it and Jack ran away and the string came out like a clown pulling a handkerchief out of his sleeve. We were so lucky that the string wasn’t wrapped around any organs.

Another thing that I LOVE about Jack is that he is the best purrer. He purrs so loud. He always has and I hope he always will. Jack is sitting right next to me purring while I’m writing this article.

He was our heaviest cat. I have a video of him falling over on my home page. Since Luke joined the family, Jack has become more active and has actually lost some weight.

As of now, Jack is our oldest (living cat). The “elder statesman” if you will.

Thanks For Reading

About the back story of Bones and Jack. Stay tuned for more backstories of our other kitties.

Please share below how your kitties appeared in your life.


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Meet Queso

Queso is the newest addition to our family. He also breaks the mold because he’s orange and white instead of the normal black and white like the rest of our kitties.

Enjoy reading about his trip into our lives

Queso is our newest cat. He’s a departure for us. Our other 8 cats are either all black or black and white.

Queso was a stray that we were feeding at the restaurant that we found Magic and Houdini. I would say the first time we saw him was in September or October.

We noticed that he had a tipped ear so that means that he was a feral cat that was fixed. That was great to see that he wasn’t adding to the stray cat population in this area.

He seemed pretty friendly each time that we would go there. He would rub against Kevin’s legs and bonk his head on him. When he started to roll over and show us his tummy, we knew that he was going to join the group. 🙂 The final yes to us was a couple days ago when we were getting ready to leave and he just sat there and looked sad when we left.

We called the vet and told them that we were going to rescue a cat and need to get an appointment tomorrow. Fast forward to this morning, we get to the restaurant and Queso comes running up to Kevin. He put the carrier down and Queso walked right in but then walked back out. It took a little encouragement, but it wasn’t that hard to get him into the carrier.  The next part is what always breaks my heart, it’s listening to the meows until we get home. Luckily, we only live a short distance from that restaurant.

Once we got Queso home, we put him into my office until we can get to the vet. He immediately started to purr and tucked in to hang out with Kevin and me.

He seems to be adjusting quite well to the new surroundings.

This picture was right after we got him into the office.



Here is a picture 3 hours later.

I think he’ll do just fine here.

Stay tuned for more about Queso’s life here with his new family!

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Cat Adoption (Part 1)

I know I’ve introduced all of our cats already, but I think it’s always fun to hear about how your kitties became your kitties. I’m going to share all of my adoption experiences of my cats (past and present) starting from oldest to youngest.


Casey showed up on the porch of the house I was living in when I lived in Wisconsin. It was chilly outside so it was an easy decision to bring her into the house. She was not black and white (like all our kitties right now). She looked like a lion and had long bushy hair. When I moved to Connecticut, she ended up living with my Mother because I didn’t want to stress her moving her across the country. She passed away in 2004. I need to search my archives for a picture of her. She was a super sweet kitty.

SpikeNancy And Spike Sleeping

Spike came into my life when I lived in Wisconsin as well. He was in a family with a toddler and the family didn’t think they would have enough time for him so they were looking for another home. I remember going to meet him and the toddler was carrying him around the house holding him under his top legs. Spike was so chill and just let it happen. I never had Spike’s DNA tested but from looking on websites, I’m wondering if he was a Russian Blue. He was such a beautiful cat.

He lived in Wisconsin and Connecticut. He was great in the car ride from Wisconsin to Connecticut. As I mentioned earlier, he was a super chill kitty.

Near the end of his life he ended up living with my husband and I. He stopped eating and we made the decision with our amazing vet to put in a feeding tube. We used the feeding tube for a couple of weeks and then had it removed and he flourished for another year and a half. He was acting like a kitten for that last year. This is my favorite picture of him. He LOVED to snuggle in the bed with me and put his paw on my hand. He passed away in 2014. I miss this guy every day.


Cookie is a fun story. She came into my life right about the time that I met my husband in 2002. Kevin headed to a golf Cookiecourse in Orlando one morning and saw a cute black and white kitty walking around the clubhouse. He spent a few minutes playing with her and thought she was a cutie. He asked about her story and the workers told him if she was around when he finished his round of golf he could take her. The owners of the golf course already had her spayed because they didn’t want kittens.

The craziest thing is when Kevin was finished with his round of golf he looked around the clubhouse and didn’t see her. A little dejected, he started walking toward his car and there she was! She was sitting next to his car and started walking toward him and then put her paws on his knees. (I can just imagine how cute that was!) Of course, he scooped her up and called the golf course on the way home and told them that he took her so they didn’t worry about her.

Cookie was a well-traveled cat. She lived in Orlando, Florida, Newburgh, NY, Bristol, CT and Charlotte, NC. She flew on a plane twice and was a champ both times.

She passed away last year. We think she was around 16 years old.


Oh, our Oreo. We used to call him the “informer”. Kevin found Oreo when he was living in Newburgh, NY for a couple of months when he started a new job. Oreo was “hanging” around the house that Kevin was living in when he moved to the NorthEast. He thought Cookie would like having a brother. Cookie totally disagreed. She really wanted to be an only cat. Oreo, however, flourished in our household. He was such a good kitty. We called him the “informer” because he would always run toward the door when the doorbell rang. If someone came into the house, he would follow them around. We jokingly called him the “informer” because he always thought he needed to take notes when anyone was in the house to let us know what was going on. He was the closest we had to a dog. LOL

We also called him our “bionic” cat. He had many health issues and we were fortunate that he was with us as long as he was. He had seizures and had to take phenobarbital daily. A few years later, it seems like he was wheezing and it felt like his heart was beating really fast. We took him to the vet and they couldn’t even count how many beats his heart was pumping because it was going so fast. (It was well over 300 beats per minute. As a reference, a cat’s normal heartbeat is between 140 and 220 bpm.) Because of that, he started taking atenolol to keep his heart rate down.

Right around the same time, he was having an issue with “gas” in his intestinal track. Because of that, he needed to take prednisolone. Needless to say, he was on a cocktail of drugs for many years.

We had smooth sailing until 2016. I was out of town for work and Kevin called me to say that he thought Oreo was dying. He couldn’t use his back legs. He took Oreo to the vet and they thought they saw a mass in his chest. They didn’t know if it was a tumor or liquid. He was put on some water pills and had an ultrasound a couple of days later and the mass was gone. But, we were told that he was in heart failure and it could be 2 months or 2 years but the clock was ticking. 🙁

We had just rescued Magic (who was .6 pounds when we found him). Magic and Oreo became fast friends. After Kevin brought Oreo back home, Magic wouldn’t leave his side. It was the cutest thing. I feel because of Magic’s love, Oreo bounced back and was pretty much back to normal a few weeks after that episode. Magic was literally laying on top of his brother. It was so precious. I have so many pictures of those two. I will add them to the cuteness corner of the website.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get 2 additional years with Oreo. We said goodbye to him in 2017. I miss that guy every day. However, he did pass a lot of his traits on to Magic (who will meet us at the door when we get home). We also have Minnie and Houdini that look like Oreo as well so it helps to feel like Oreo is still here.

Thanks For Reading 

The back stories of Casey, Spike, Cookie, and Oreo. Stay tuned for Bones, Dora, Onyx, Minnie, Magic, Houdini, and Luke.

This might be a 3 part post. I’ve had a few kitties in my life.

Please share how your cats (or dogs) made their way to you!

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Humans Are Uncomfortable So Cats Are Not

I have been striving to write articles about serious topics that I’m hoping are very helpful to cat parents. I’m going to still do that, but I feel I need to add some more fun posts in between the serious posts.

If you have a cat you know EXACTLY what I am talking about with humans being uncomfortable. There are a lot of memes with charts of a bed where the human fits on the corner and the kitty takes over the rest of the bed.

Cats Like Warmth

I always thought that cats would sleep with you for the warmth factor. Their body temperature is 102 degrees so they, very much like humans, try to use other heat sources to stay warm. Think of how many times you see kitties following the sunlight throughout the room during the day.

Why Do We Not Move?

I know why I personally don’t move, it’s because my cats are totally spoiled and they have me wrapped around their paw. 🙂

I cannot tell you how many nights I needed to get up to go the bathroom or get a drink of water and because I have 3 or 4 kitties tucked in with me, I will lay there until one of them moves.Magic, Onyx and Jack

As you can see by this picture, I couldn’t even get into bed because Magic, Onyx, and Jack have taken over the bed. 🙂

My Thoughts On Why We Don’t Move

I know that cats aren’t “human” children, but I feel like it’s very much like a parent will not move once a child falls asleep on them. You don’t want to disturb your angel while they are asleep. You want to enjoy watching them breathe and just take in the peaceful bonding time with them. Plus, it’s also very relaxing and comforting to have another “being” tucked in and next to you (at least it is for me).

Is It Worth It?

This is a picture that my husband took. He needs to always sit on the couch or in a chair with his legs spread out with his knees sticking out so Magic (Or in this case, Jill, Magic, and Houdini) can sit down and snuggle. Kevin jokes that someday he might have hip issues because of the way that he needs to sit in order to keep the kitties comfortable.


Will We Continue To Be Uncomfortable?

I’m not sure about you, but I know I will continue. The reason why is I know there will be a time that I would pay any amount of money to get those snuggle times back. I’m going to take advantage of any extra snuggle time I can get with my kitties.

Final Thoughts

What about you? As I’m typing this Onyx just jumped into my lap for afternoon snuggles. Time to wrap up the article and savor this sweet time!

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CES And LavvieBot

Last week, I introduced you to Basepaws the Cat DNA company who was at the Consumer Electronics Show. I wanted to share another product that was unveiled at CES. It’s called LavvieBot.

What Is LavvieBot?

I had no idea what to think when I first heard this. I honestly thought maybe it was some sort of robot that would play with your cat. Not even close…… 🙂

It is a litter box that will clean itself and also refill the litter. OK….now I’m interested because scooping the litter is not one of my favorite activities.

How Does It Work?

You fill the litter holder with 14.3 pounds of litter. Once your cat uses the litter box, it will self scoop the litter at a time of your choosing. You can set the time interval anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Once the litter has been scooped, the auto-filling of the litter will take place. The waste tray will hold 14.3 pounds of litter. The nice thing for your kitty is the litter will always be at a comfortable level for them.

According to the company, they claim you would need to clean the litter box every 2 to 3 weeks if you have 1 cat. That is approximately half as often as the other automatic litter boxes on the market.

Wouldn’t It Smell If I Keep The Litter In The Tray?

The waste tray can hold up to 14.3 pounds of used litter. I know how quickly used litter can smell. LavvieBot uses a coconut carbon deodorizer to “cut” the smell. It absorbs a majority of the ammonia (the main component of cat urine). It also functions as a dehumidifier.

Is There Anything Else Noteworthy About It?

I’m glad you asked. It comes with the Purrsong App that sends updates about the condition of your litter box. Helpful if your kitty is having litter box issues, you can find out how often they are using the litter box. The bigger plus, in my opinion, is an option to order new litter on Amazon.

The company also claims that LavvieBot can monitor your cat’s health. It accomplishes that by tracking the weight change in the litter box. The product hasn’t launched yet so there is no word on how accurate this measurement will be.

Can it tell the difference between multiple cats? The company states as long as your cats weigh at least 1.5 pounds apart, the app could recognize different kitties in the house.

Interested In This?

They will be launching in May of this year on Indiegogo.

Final Thoughts….

I’m interested in LavvieBot, but I think with 8 cats I’m not sure this would be cost effective for our purposes. I will be following it because I would like to hear how their app is going to work.

***I do not receive any benefit or affiliate commission from this review. ***

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Consumer Electronics Show And Basepaws

Your first question might be, “This is a cat blog, why are you writing an article about the Consumer Electronics Show”? The Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now in Las Vegas. It’s on my bucket list to attend because I’m a self-admitted “techie”. But that’s not the reason for the post. I received alerts about a new product release and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Basepaws – Genetic Testing For Your Cat

I’m sure you’ve heard of 23andMe where you can send in a saliva sample and learn more about your genetic history.

This is also on my to do list, someday. But before I do that, I might have it done for some of my kitties. Basepaws unveiled their Cat DNA Kit at CES 2019.

The goal of Basepaws is to build a database of cat DNA to help identify genetic markers to assist in the care and well-being of your cat.

How It Works

Once you order and receive your kit, you collect the sample. The sample is collected by sending in some of your cat’s hair by using the supplied adhesives. You can also send in a swab of their cheek (if they are hairless). It is sent back to the company in a prepaid envelope for analysis.

Once your sample is received it will be tested and a detailed report will be written about your cat. As the database grows, more information will be included in this report. Some items included in the report (as of this post) are:

  1. Your Cats Breed Index -Is it related to any breeds already in the database or is it Domestic (untested breed).
  2. Your Cats Wild Cat Index – Explains which wild cat your cat is related to.
  3. Identification of any abnormality in a few of your cat’s genes. (Mentioned on their website but not on the report example page).

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Are Essential Oils Harmful To Cats? – What Do I Need To Know?

It’s been one of the most popular trends in recent years. Essential oils and oil diffusers. I thought about bringing one into our home. I’m glad I did my research, as I always do with any product that I’m going to bring into the house. I was SHOCKED by my findings on something that most people might not give a second thought.

First Things First-What Is An Essential Oil?

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from a plant. It is thought they capture the “essence” of the plant. After you purchase them many times you will mix it with a carrier oil (coconut oil is one example) to carry them to their destination (your skin).

The Most Important Question-Are They Safe For Cats?

Unfortunately, it’s not a strict yes or no. One thing is pretty clear. Full strength essential oils will be dangerous to your cat (or dog). The science behind it is the oil can get absorbed orally and through the skin very quickly.  The next step is it gets metabolized in the liver.  The issue is, cats do not have an essential enzyme in their liver to eliminate the toxin from essential oils. The Pet Poison Helpline has a great article that goes more in depth about the science behind what happens and how you can tell if your cat got into the essential oils. I’ll introduce some symptoms of exposure next.

Continue reading “Are Essential Oils Harmful To Cats? – What Do I Need To Know?”

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Cats Purring And Your Health – Is There A Connection?

If you have been around cats for any amount of time you’ve probably heard that their purrs can have healing powers. I’ve heard it too and wanted to do a little research and see what I can find out about cat purring and it’s effect your health.

Why Do Cats Purr?

First things first, why do cats purr in the first place? Of course, none of us know for sure, but here are many theories.

It starts when they are born. It might be to let the momma cat know that they are there. Momma cats purr to help soothe their kittens. Think of it like when your Mom would rock and hold you and speak to you gently. The same type of idea.

Cats can also purr when they are content. I can attest to this claim. My Baby Jack is one of the loudest purring cats (in my opinion). He will purr when he is just touched or petted. Our other kitties will purr when they are curled up on my lap.

Cats will also purr when they a scared or sick. More on that next….

I Thought Cats Only Purred When They Were Happy?

When I first had cats as pets, I thought this was the case. As I mentioned above, they will also purr when they are scared or sick.

When our Oreo had a bad health scare, Magic would lay next to him (or even on top of him) and purr and purr and purr. Oreo pulled through that health struggle and I want to think that it was because of Magic’s help.

About a year later, when our Oreo was near the end of his life, he would lay in his bed and purr. We knew he wasn’t content, but he was soothing himself.

I like to compare this to humans. Think about a time when you were scared or saw someone that was scared. You might have noticed that they might gently rock back and forth. The thought is, in a stressful situation, you revert back to a comfortable feeling. Many parents rocked their babies back and forth to soothe them. In a stressful situation, people are looking to soothe themselves. It’s the same with kitties, if they are stressed, they revert back to something that will calm them.

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Cat Towers- Concerns To Keep In Mind….

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Since we have multiple cats in our house, a cat tower was a must. I’ll explain below why it’s a natural product to have in order to “keep the peace” in the household. That being said, we also had an “incident” happen with our Dora. It was 6 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday and want to share with you things to keep in mind when looking for a cat tower.

Why do cats like to climb towers?

Before cats were domesticated, they needed to hunt for their food in the wild. While they were hunters, they were also the huntees. Being able to climb trees was good for two reasons. First, if they were being chased, they could escape up a tree and evade the predator. Remember the old Tom and Jerry cartoons when Tom would run up the tree when Spike would bark or chase him? It’s a survival instinct.

Secondly, as the hunter, when they are above the ground they can survey an area and find their prey. It’s much easier than walking back and forth around an area searching for prey.

When cats became domesticated, that instinct didn’t leave them. If you have had cats for any period of time I’m sure you have had your cat perch on the back of the couch or most recently for us, in the Christmas Tree. 🙂

Issues with multiple cats and towers

We have 8 cats right now. As you gain more fur babies there is always a concern that not everyone will get along with each other. How can you help that situation? Enter the cat tree/tower.

At the time we took this picture, we had 4 cats and brought Dora in to live with us. Her owners couldn’t keep her anymore. Oreo (the black and white kitty) was usually on the higher shelf but Dora decided that she liked it. Needless to say, Oreo wasn’t happy.

What you can’t see on this picture is there is another level that is higher than the level Dora was sitting. All the kitties loved to climb up to the very top and I always felt like they tried to touch the ceiling before they come back down. 🙂

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Meet Baby Jack

You made it to the last day of introductions. We end with Jack. He is the “elder” in the house. I say that he purrs the loudest and can be quite vocal when he wants to be petted.

I will be sharing a story that gave us a little scare with this guy, but this is all about positive posts.

Here’s more on her story. (You can always access this by going to the “Meet The Kids” drop down menu at the top of the website.)

I hope you enjoyed meeting all of our kitties. Now I will start posting some articles regarding cats health, behavior and products.

If there is something that you would like me to research and write an article, please use the contact me option at the bottom of the site and I will happily do the research and let you know.

Thanks for reading!


Jack, right now, is our oldest kitty in the house. I also adopted him from the vet. It was right before Halloween and his name was “Spook”. Although that name was cute, we decided to name him Jack after Jack the Pumpkin King from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

He was so tiny when we got him that we also nicknamed him “Baby Jack”. Eleven years later, at times we still call him Baby Jack. 🙂

I travel for work and he would jump into the suitcase when I was packing. As a joke, I strapped him in. I’m surprised he stayed there long enough to take a picture. 🙂

Jack grew up and to be honest, he got a little “chubby”. Since Luke has come into the family, Jack has become more active and lost some weight, but here is a video of Jack when he was heavier. It just makes me laugh…. Enjoy!

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